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Inspiration or Capacity Building

Some teachers may find it challenging to address such issues as gender identity and sexual orientation in a classroom. Further information, advice and support can be sought from the partner organisation in your country. It may also be advisable to use the lesson plans that have been piloted by teachers in your country.

Lesson Plans

Two sets of lessons plans spanning six weeks are set out below. These have
been piloted by Irish schools.

WEEK 1 Introducing Module and Ground Rules.docx
WEEK 1 Introducing the Theme and Ground Rules.docx
WEEK 2 Iceberg.docx
WEEK 2 Did You Know.docx
WEEK 3 Jasmin's Story.docx
WEEK 3 Hetero-Norm.docx
WEEK 4 Coming Out.docx
WEEK 4 Intercultural Skills.docx
WEEK 5 Mapping LGBT Rights.docx
WEEK 5 The Letter.docx
WEEK 6 Jonathans Story and Ending the Module.docx

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For Materials in different languages, please access our partner websites:

Bulgarian - Bilitis Resource Center Foundation
Danish - LGBT Danmark
English - GLEN - Gay and Lesbian Equality Network
Latvian - Mozaīka
Portuguese - Associação ILGA PORTUGAL Intervenção Lésbica, Gay, Bissexual e Transgénero
Romanian - Asociatia ACCEPT
Spanish - FELGTB
Swedish - RFSL - Riksförbundet för homosexuellas, bisexuellas och transpersoners rättigheter